Some food (some of which I proudly prepared myself), drinks, random impressions from around the University and other nonsense. I don't get out much. ;-)

switch_save.jpg westvleteren.jpg winter.jpg
Switch in the Physics building: off/on and save/not save?! The Westvleteren 12 and 8: Best beers in this world! Winter in Toronto 2013/14: "Feels like" -38°C. Pretty cold.
pride.jpg coffee.jpg uoft.jpg
World Pride Parade 2014, Toronto. A latte at Krepesz: They put all their heart(s) into it. Carole's Cheesecake up in Yorkville; one of, if not the best in Toronto.
pride.jpg chicken_rice_broccoli.jpg uoft.jpg
Tim Horton's latte; my start into the day before I had my own Nespresso. The Toronto Skyline, Sept. 2013. View from the peninsula. A new school year starts, at the Bahen Centre of Information Technolgies of the University of Toronto.
cover_panel.jpg world_cup.jpg wanda.jpg
The ventilation cover panel at Burrito Bandidos. Fun times. Watching the World Cup Final 2014 at the baggage claim at Pearson Airport, Toronto. I bet on Germany. :-) The Ontario Sour Cherry Cake by Wanda's Pie in the Sky: Best pie in this world!
cover_panel.jpg world_cup.jpg wanda.jpg
Toronto's finest, always fighting fire (but mostly false alarms). Spinach pie, almost a family legacy. Not quite there, yet, but getting closer. The "Christmas tree" outside of the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum).



Random stuff from back home.

measurement.jpg uster.jpg smith.jpg
My awesome measurement setup to measure flex-print transmission lines. Still of the Bergacherweg in Uster, Feb. 2014. Memories. The parabolic dish antenna @ HSR, Switzerland (with my CP back-fire helix feed antenna)


Video clips

Einstein Science Magazine, Swiss TV Channel S(R)F

In early 2012, I had the pleasure of appearing in a science magazine on the Swiss TV for three times, explaining the working principles of RFID cards, induction stoves and (mobile phone) touchscreens (all in Swiss-German).