Geeky shirts

Maybe there are some other weirdos out there, who like their t-shirts geeky, with antennas or a smith chart?


Newest design: Superhet


My own shirt designs: hade @

cellular_CH.png dish.png smith.png
dipole.png antenna.png smith2.png

Moai by Amorphia

One of my favorite shirt designs: Moai @ Amorphia Apparel, Cult(ure) meets technology


Antenna Evolution

...really more like (amateur) radio operator evolution, but still a nice design with an interesting statement: Antenna Evolution @ Cafepress


RF Radiation Hazard

Roman pointed this one out to me - and of course I had to have it: RF Radiation Hazard @ Redbubble


Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe tower

Picture of Tesla's great experiment, by InvictusCreations: Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower @ Etsy

wardenclyffe.png (that's not me, btw)